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LeChat - SMD LED Lamp

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*This Lamp is intended for USA/Canada only due to the lamp's voltage of 110.

INTERNATIONAL USERS must purchase a voltage convertor and adapter to use this lamp*

What is SMD LED?

SMD stands for Surface Mounted Device. Specifically, it is a LED that is mounted and soldered into a circuit board. An SMD LED is quite small since it has no leads or surrounding packaging that you would otherwise see with standard LEDs. Because SMD LED does not have the standard LED epoxy enclosure SMD LED lights emit a much wider viewing angle instead of the focused narrow angle of standard LED.

Benefits of SMD LED vs Standard LED

The SMD LED has lower voltage and current requirements which allows it to give off very little heat. SMD LED emits a higher level of brightness while consuming less power than standard LED lights.
With standard LED lights, the ultra violet light produced to cure UV gels overtime breaks down the epoxy surrounding the standard LED causing the epoxy to crack. Once cracked, the standard LED light no longer flows evenly, disrupting the flow of light resulting in an uneven cure. Because SMD LED lights have no epoxy surrounding, they will not crack and the flow of light will continue to be even throughout the life of the light.
Also because standard LEDs use a higher voltage they produce more heat. The heat produced by the higher voltage LED lights can shorten the life of the light causing them to go out faster.

LeChat - SMD LED Lamp:
Designed for efficient and rapid UV gel curing
Professional durability and reliable quality
Pioneer in using high efficiency SMD LED for nail lamp technology
6W LED lamp engineered with 42 energy saving LED lights
Single button preset 30 second cure timer
RoHS Compliance for U.S. and International standard for environmental friendly products
UL Approved